Vehicle Class B - Contemporary

Vehicle Class B - Contemporary

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Hand Cleaning

Hand clean paint and door jams removing contaminants and light scratches.

Hand Wax

Hand wax with Carnauba based, high gloss, water repelling products.


Exterior windows are cleaned and wiped clear.



Deluxe Cleaning

Vacuum cabin and trunk.

Hand clean carpeted areas and floor mats with an odor eliminating based spray.

Remove dust, dirt and grime from instrument panel, door and latch panels.

Clean seats and seat belts of dirt, sweat and accidental stains.

Cleaning and treatment of leather, plastics and vinyl components and surfaces to prevent drying and sun damage.

Treatment of wood lined interiors to prevent staining.


Interior windows are cleaned and wiped clear.



Deluxe Wheel Package

Hand clean rims and tires with a more aggressive cleaner, designed to remove dust contaminants, road grime, brake dust build up and light scratches.

Apply tire dressing and rim sealant with protective coating.